New Sentai 2014: Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger

sentai2014 It’s now confirmed through the trademark databases! The next Super Sentai for 2014 is called, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー)!
The title Ressha is a pun on the Japanese word ressha, which means train using the kanji characters for 烈車 vehement car instead of the usual 列車 line car. While Tokkyu means limited express train. Our new Super Sentai will most likely be train-based!

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  • BrianRommel

    So translated it’s something like Train Squadron Express Line Ranger

  • Squellookle.

    Den o ranger. Denoger..?

  • Phillip Tang

    Go Go Five lives again

  • DarkeSword

    Train Sentai Trainger

  • Davion Onyx Tillman

    A sentai with trains, Dr. Sheldon Copper approves lol

  • Herman the German

    who the fudge is Sheldon COPPER? :V

  • Morgan

    He meant to say “Dr. Sheldon Cooper”

  • renato_dcd

    Kamen Rider Den-O anyone?

  • Donnie Ashley

    I believe so.

  • lionsandbears

    Trains! Whee! Perhaps they’ll surprise us again and they won’t exactly be trains. I can’t wait!

  • xero42

    pretty please make the 6th guy steampunk


    Train Squadron Limited Express Rangers


    Seems like it’s gonna be DEN-O inspired as TOEI Company made a lot of profit from the den-o craze during it’s airing and after it’s airing with success

    And with the success of kyoryuger, it’s seems like this is going to be do the same thing but with trains.

  • me

    That is the whole joke with the capitalization of copper

  • me

    That is the whole joke with the capitalization of copper

  • Matt

    Power Rangers: Track Troopers

  • cook

    my 12 rangers

  • cook

    get more girls rangers

  • Guest


  • David R. Blain

    ni ni not trains!

  • Vernon

    Show me the colors of the Rangers now or next month please.

  • Vernon

    My favorite character might be the Black Ranger.

  • Vernon

    I am Pinoy. Will there be a part Pinoy there?

  • Vernon

    Please tell me if the protagonist has a younger sister or an older sister or a brother.

  • Vernon

    I want to see the picture now.

  • Vernon

    I want it to have one man and four to ten women.

  • Vernon

    Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit

  • Roy 2020

    Power Rangers Train Force

  • Tony Nguyen

    I wouldn’t relate tokkyuger to gogo V because they were more about rescue then trains plus idk if tokkyuger is about rescue or trains or both