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Kamen Rider Brings Toys to Children in Bangkok’s Slums

By  | October 4, 2013 | Articles | With 4 Comments

kamen rider doing charity 1

Akihiro Tomikawa goes to Thailand every two months to distribute toys to children in the slums of Bangkok. Even better, he does this charity work as a Kamen Rider. More pictures after the break!

kamen rider doing charity 2

kamen rider doing charity 3

kamen rider doing charity 4

kamen rider doing charity 5
Source: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

  • Yukito

    i love the fact that people will dress as kamen riders out in public to go help people out and make kids happy that really does make me smile to see that

  • Cyberslayer

    You know something, I was feeling pretty shit day today and I didn’t want to go to work feeling that way but then I saw this and now that terrible feeling has turned right around.

  • Anuchit Chotibut

    Dream Come True….

  • Tendou

    Is He Thai people???