The DX Sengoku Driver Is Selling Out Quickly


Kamen Rider Gaim is finally here! But for those wanting a DX Sengoku Driver…getting one might be easier said than done.

Reports from those living in Japan says that the belt is selling like hot cakes with some stores selling out within minutes of opening. HJU’s Tom Constantine shares a similar story: his friend stood in line for a 10 AM store opening in Shinjuku and the belts were all gone by the time he entered the building. It appears that Bandai did not make enough to meet the demand.

Not surprisingly, the few places that do have the belt in stock are already starting to sell them for a mark up. Amazon Japan has one listed for 14,100 yen or 145 in US Dollars and the belt is starting to show up on eBay with the most expensive listing asking $236 US. The belt is slowly starting to climb in value with similar prices appearing on Yahoo Japan auctions.

But if you’re still in the market for a Sengoku Driver don’t let this discourage you. Similar things happened last year with the Wizard Driver . Finding a Sengoku Driver should be easier once the initial craze passes and the Holliday season is over.

  • Alex Turner

    Remember when everone was talking mad shit about Gaim and the products thereof? Now that news that it’s belt is selling like hotcakes, things have gone eerily quiet all of a sudden….

  • dFangX

    Wow. Amazed the belt is selling well. Must be the Lock Seeds themselves doing well cause I think the belt looks unappealing but the Lock Seeds themselves look ok. Still, glad to see the toys are doing well none the less. I just hope mid season another rider belt that looks better comes. XD

  • BraveMax

    Why is anyone surprised by this? It happened for Wizard and Fourze too, right? Furthermore, the evidence cited is just from Tokyo and the internet. Of course they sell out there – Tokyo has ~13 million people, and Shinjuku is the biggest, most popular area. If it sells out ANYWHERE, it’ll sell out there. The internet is easily the most accessible way for anyone to buy these – not surprising they’re gone there either. That happens to just about any popular toy right after it’s released. While I haven’t looked yet, based on what happened with the Fourze and Wizard Drivers I doubt I’d have any problems finding a Gaim driver near me…

  • xSHiNOx

    This has happened to all drivers since W. Maybe even Decade. Just wait for all the hype and all the kids that finally get one dies down. Then there will be loads of Sengoku Drivers for everyone!

  • Paul Haberman

    Yup, there’s always a lot of scalping when the new belts come out. I don’t know why everyone is so keen to make a profit just on the belts. The other toys usually don’t get scalped much. I think Bandai should know this by now and make more of them.