HJU Radio #55 – GARO: Tougen no Fue


It’s ladies night here at HJU Radio as we’re back on the air in record time! Our cast of GARO loving knights and priests take up their respective weapons to review the all female warrior adventure in the GARO Universe, GARO: Tougen no Fue! The boys and girls of justice join forces to face the latest dark threat of fallen priests and an awakening evil goddess.

Click it up and enjoy!

Boys and Girls in Trouble:
Keith Justice
Alicia “Lynxara” Ashby
Michael Nixon

Special thanks to Michael Nixon! for this episode’s graphic and the kickass graphic you’ll see on your mp3 player while you play this episode.

Special thanks to forum member Jon Fuu [Soundcloud] [YouTube]. Without his post-production work, there would be no show.

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