Have a Fruity Christmas with the Xmas Lock Seed!


A special Christmas Kamen Rider Gaim Lock Seed is now available in Japan,  just in time for the holidays! 

The sounds include “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Time!” as well as the tune for Jingle Bells. Unfortunately, this Lock Seed comes with the Premium Bandai Christmas cake, which can only be delivered within Japan.


  • Deen

    Will we have the Christmas Zyudenchi as well too?

  • xSHiNOx
  • xero42

    they did the same thing w the Christmas ring there were third parties who would get it for you but you had to pay for the cake 2 and for legal reasons that wouldn’t ship (honestly i could live with that if i could get the cake topper) whats funny is i found this article while making a design for a Halloween Pumpkin Lockseed and this changed how i did art of it