In Hand Photo Gallery of S.I.C TaJaDor Lost Blaze Version!

Lost FLame 8

Time will judge all…the Super Imaginative Chogokin line put’s it’s own original twist with this latest OOO release, representing a “what if” design for TaJaDol where the form is tweaked with some of Anhk’s own features added to the design and Blogger zgmf brings us our photo coverage of the figure which sad to say saw release as a Tamashi Web exclusive item.

As the figure was only available for a limited time…tracking one down but keep checking Mandarake! sooner or later, one is bound to end up there!

  • bioburn

    i had this idea in the last episode and wished they did it instead as a final form

  • gravityBomb

    OOO really does have the best designs out of all the Neo-Heisei era. :D