New Garo Season Starring Kouga’s Son, Raiga Saejima

garoAn all new Garo season has just been announced, by the name of Garo: Makai No Hana, featuring a character called Raiga Saejima. 

Raiga Saejima first appeared in one of the Garo novels as Kouga’s son. This new season will be revolving around Raiga as he takes over the Garo mantle. He will be joined by another knight, Kurou the Secret Knight and a young girl, Mayuri. Played by Atom Mizuishi and Natsumi Ishibashi, guest starred in Kamen Rider Fourze, respectively. While Raiga will be played by Masei Nakayama, previously guest starred in Kamen Rider Hibiki and Kiva.

The new season will premiere April 2014.

  • lionsandbears

    Reviews of the novels would be nice for me.

  • Clara

    Raiga Saejima, eh? Who’s his mother?

  • Mad_Dog_Yayan

    Kaoru, who else? The Hagane no Hoko story doesn’t refer to any character expect Raiga and Gonza by name, but it’s clear that his parents is Kouga and Kaoru through the story’s description of them. Rei are also in the story (again, their not refer to by name) where Rei is kinda like an honorary uncle to Raiga.


    Finally the prayers have been answered. Kouga’s son as the next GARO, now thats more like it and it’s AWESOME. Hopefully this season is gonna be way better than the One who shines in the darkness.

    This is definitely the original GARO season 1 for a new generation from the looks from the trailer. And looks like a reboot of the orignal too but still being a continuity of kouga’s timeline

    Also cant wait for the Zero sidestory too. This is AWESOME. hope this season builds up for a 10th annversary GARO MOVIE in 2015

    Cant wait to see it, it’s gonna ROCK

  • Doguso

    YES looks WAY better than Yami. MUCH more aligned with the original two seasons it seems. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me like Yami..

  • theVAN

    I think is Rekka! She is more beautiful than Kaoru. :D

  • Mad_Dog_Yayan

    Yami o Terasu Mono was set in the far future, but it’s still a part of the main story

  • Doguso

    When did I say Yami wasn’t canon?
    When I said “aligned with” I meant in style. Yami was WAY different than the original series, they did a lot of … unusual things that didn’t work out well. They made it more Sentai like than Garo. And the characters were not nearly as good or flesh out. That’s what I was referring to by being disappointed and not aligning with the original.

    And technically it’s not part of the “main story” because it’s based WAY in the future and it’s completely isolated and separate from Kouga’s story.