MORE GARO: Movie, Anime, and ZERO: Black Blood Trailer

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The first Garo Appreciation Day has come and gone. Outside of the news that season four will feature Kouga and Karou’s son Raiga, some more tidbits have been released.

– The Trailer for the Zero: Black Blood six episode series was revealed. And according to the video coming March of 2014

– There will be a movie featuring Ryuga and I’m assuming others from the cast of Yami O Terasu Mono. Definitely Rian seeing how the show ended. No air date as of yet.

-A Garo anime, according to the board likely CGI, headed by Yasuko Kobayashi. Again no air date, but is supposed to be based on the original Garo but an original story.

All in all it looks like we Garo fans have some good things to look forward to in the future as this is developing to be a nice franchise.

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