Women Rider Henshin Collection!


Happy US Thanksgiving to all the HJU friends around the globe. I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday. While most of the HJU Team is relaxing, eating, and spending time with their families, I thought I’d pop in here real quick to post up this sweet video tribute to Kamen Rider Women from Ryuki’s Kamen Rider Femme to fan favorite, Kamen Rider Nadeshiko. Here’s to hoping they continue this trend and we’ll one day see a girl or two join the battle regularly alongside the boys in the fight for justice. Click in and HENSHIN!

Art Credit: yorkemaster

  • Joshua Cuyos

    Hoping that the rumors about the Peach Rider are true. And hoping that she won’t die…..

  • Dhanarjati Adhitya Wardhana

    And hoping that she was hot :P

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    I really do think Gaim will be the first series to hook us up with a regular Female Rider that doesn’t die. :)

  • GeminiSparkSP

    They forgot the original female rider: Electro Wave Human Tackle from Kamen Rider Stronger.

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    I’ve heard several times people don’t consider her a Kamen Rider as much as another kind of support warrior.

  • GeminiSparkSP

    But still, considering that she’s the first female who can henshin…

  • Andrew Dunlap

    It’s Peach.
    Cherry is a guy.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    Oh yeah. Corrected it. :P

  • M Rizaldika Noermahmuda II

    and i hope she’s Mai :p

  • Joshua Cuyos

    Well, according to the rumors, it would be someone called Akira. Probably Kota’s sister.