Kamen Rider Zangetsu’s AC Figure And Other Sets Previewed


Right on time to kick start the Holliday season, Bandai’s Arm Change series gets a splash of Melon with a new image gallery promoting the imminent release of December’s AC figures including Zangetsu, the Kiwi and Mango set for Ryugen and Baron respectively, and the Legend Rider Arms Set.


Fresh from the produce section of Bandai’s toy department, the new images showcases a step by step preview of the transformation for Zangetsu, Mango, and Kiwi arms. Showcased in the preview images for the Mango and Kiwi set is another “what if” scenario where Zangetsu and Gaim were to use those Lock Seeds! With Gaim using Kiwi and Zangetsu using Mango.


Finally, to tie into the upcoming Movie War: the Armored Rider foursome will be using armors that represent past Heisei Riders: Gaim paired with Wizard, Zangetsu with Fourze, Baron with OOO, and Ryugen with W, the official gallery for this set shows these forms in greater detail. Sadly,  the bodies needed to use these figures will be sold separately.

At Tamashi Nations, Bandai did let us know that S.H.Figuarts from Kamen Rider Gaim were coming. While AC figures lack the articulation and detail of these higher end figures, one of the advantages of the AC line is the armor change gimmick that replicates the transformation from the show, something which the FIguarts looks as though it’ll lack in favor of something that looks more show accurate. If you’re a collector looking for Gaim toys that can change armors this line is for you!

AC05 Zangetsu Melon Arms and the Kiwi+Mango set are both due out early december Zangetsu will cost 3000 yen while the Arms Set will be retailing for 1800 then, like the Legend Rider Arms set: the Ryugen and Baron bodies will be sold separately.

Meanwhile, the Legend Rider Arms set will be due out in mid December for 1800 yen.

  • Bobby Wilson

    Your picture has Gaim/Double mode, but OOO’s Orb thingy

  • Anonymous

    Except that’s Ryugen, not Gaim.

  • RandomPerson

    I’ve gotta admit, I did not expect them to make the Legend Rider Arms set. That’s the kind of thing that’s usually reserved for web-exclusive figuarts.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    While I’m digging the Fourze Arms on Zangetsu, I couldn’t imagine the ever-serious him acting like the goofy Gentarou.

  • Deen

    To clear this misunderstandings:
    Both Fourze and Zangetsu are based on one theme. MOONS.

    Moon is the base where the Rabbit Hutch (Fourze’s base) is located.
    Zangetsu is based on Japanese ancient word meaning “slaying moon”.

  • xero42

    be neat if they do the rest of the past riders