Henshin On the Go with Kamen Riders Travelers Senki


Developers Seventh Chord, makers of Tales of Hearts and All Riders Generation takes Kamen Rider to next Gen portable handhelds with Kamen Rider Travelers Senki for Nintendo’s 3DS consoles. Epic battles between Kamen Riders and Kaiju can be witnessed…in 3D!


Travelers Senki is a linear beat’em up action game akin to it’s predecessor: All Riders Generation. Players can run in any direction while in combat, and the 3DS’ secondary touch screen is used to swap into different forms. Kamen Riders W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, and Gaim are playable in addition to a few secondary Riders. The screenshots confirm that Gaim will have Wizard Arms from the new Movie Taisen as a playable form!


But the main thing that sets Travelers Senki apart from other modern Rider games is the fact that Kamen Rider characters appears in their civilian forms! Not only do the main Riders themselves make an appearance, but so do supporting characters each one rendered in an anime almost chibi-looking aesthetic.


The game saw a release on November 28th and if you’re lucky: first print copies of the game includes a special card for the Ganbarizing arcade game. Overseas buyers and importers beware…due to Nintendo’s region lock the game won’t play on consoles that were purchased outside of Japan. But if you are still curious about the game, board member Thunder25 has a quick look for us, check it out below:

If you have the game, pop on over to the forums and drop your opinion on the title in the discussion thread!

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