Premature Lock Seeds From Helheim Forest Will be Made Into a Toy


Fresh from the farm, recent toy catalog scans reveals new Lock Seed releases that will soon be ripe for the picking. Be forewarned that these Seeds represent spoilers from the show…look away now if you haven’t been keeping up!


To kick things off, Bandai will be making toys representing a Lock Seed in it’s premature state. In the television show, this type of Lock Seed can be seen growing all over Helheim Forest; the home dimension of the Invess.

The next batch seen in the images are re-releases of the Suika(watermellon) and Himawari(Sunflower) Lock Seeds, this is where the spoilers come into play.


The  Seeds represent two moments right out of the the TV show: The new Sunflower Lock Seed is the one that was damaged during an Invess Game from the very first episode. Meanwhile, the Watermelon Seed is from the more recent episode(eight as of this posting) where the Watermelon Seed is drained of it’s power after too many uses. Supposedly, this new batch of Seeds will be hitting the markets in March 2014.

Special thanks to Joe “Rider Kick” Tonello whom’s sister brought this juicy piece of news to our attention!


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