Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters: Crossover Movie News!

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Three seasons of Dinosaurs collide in the newest Sentai crossover movie!

Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters: Kyoryu Daisakusen! Saraba Eien no Tomo yo releases on January 18th, 2014.

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Featured in the movie are the main Kyoryuger team (King, Ian, Nobu, Souji, Ami, Ucchi), who all appear as “evil” black-leather clad versions of themselves. This may be connected to the fact that in addition to the main Go-Busters team (Hiromu, Ryuuji, Yoko, J, Jin), villains Enter & Escape are making a comeback.

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Also appearing in the movie are the two previous seasons of dinosaur-themed sentai, Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. All five Zyuranger suits will join the line-up (red, yellow, pink, blue, black) as well as the three main Abaranger suits (red, yellow, blue). Although the suits may be voiced by their former actors, the only ones confirmed to be appearing in out of suit form are TyrannoRanger, Abared, and Abareblue.

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Recently released plot details reveal that Geki & Ryouga return to deal with Space War God Boldos, a new villain, who is resurrecting their former enemies, Neo Grifforzar and Neo Geildon, by drawing on their hatred of the dinosaurs. These villains join forces with the Vaglass Enter & Escape, forcing the Go-Busters and Kyoryugers to combine their powers to stop them. The summary alludes to the “greatest trap in history” awaiting our heroes, and standing between them and the trap, the “real dinosaurs and dead friends…?”

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All three dinosaur robots, Kyoryuzin, Abarenoh, and Daizyujin, will also take part in the epic crossover battle. The teams will have a chance to intermingle, as “the girls”, “the 30ish group” and the “prettyboys” will all spend some time together on screen.

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There’s a quick turn-over for the movie, as the DVD (3990 yen regular/5565 yen collector’s edition) and Bluray (5090 yen regular/6615 yen collector’s edition) will be released on March 14th, 2014.

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Special thanks to Ekala for scan translations!

EDIT: Thanks to Psychoda for pointing out that Abareblue’s actor also appears!


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