Video Demos of DX Rider Lock Seed Sets

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Kamen Riders of Heisei Era past joins powers with the Armored Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim. December’s DX Lock Seed offerings come straight out of the newest Movie War the DX Wizard and W along with Fourze and OOO are demonstrated in these new videos by TheKamoike of youtube.

Coming in sets of two, each set retails for 3000 yen(about 15$ per Lock Seed) Of course, these new Seeds all have unique noises of their own and as a nice little touch: The jingle for TaToBa is sung in the tune of Baron’s henshin and the vids can be seen in the boxes below:

  • Deen

    Came for the Fourze UCHU KITTAAAAA line, feeling disappointed.

  • Herman the German

    Finally, they’re getting a little more original with the sounds of stuff based on past Riders. : D

  • gravityBomb

    The Double lock is pretty fun. It does get the most snappy jingle and ‘MAXIMUM DRIVE!’ ;)

    The OOO lock is by far my favorite of the 4. I mean, it even says “SEIYAH!!” and has Ankh’s Core Medal on it. :D

    I’m a little sad we didn’t get a ‘UCHU KITA!’ with the Fourze lock, but I so smiled when I heard the ever familiar ’3 2 1! *level pulled back noise*’

    The Wizard lock is probably the most boring, unfortunately.