New AC Figures Announced: Bujin Gaim, Bravo, Gridon and Lock Vehicles


A pair of brand new Arms Change figures have been announced featuring Bujin Gaim from the Wizard X Gaim Movie Taisen crossover event and everyone’s favrioute patisserie :Bravo have been announced. But for overseas collectors looking to add a Mister Dangerous to their collection, they might be a little disappointed.


Bujin Gaim kickstarts a new subline for the AC figures: ones that will be released via the Bandai Premum online store and of course: Bujin Gaim will be the first one to come out.


Bujin Gaim is listed as ACPB01 while the Durian Rider is ACPB02…this seems to suggest that Mister Dangerous will sadly be a Premium Web Shop exclusive along with Bujin Gaim.


Along with the two Premium offerings, a recent scan began making the rounds featuring the Donguri rider: Gridon with his Dandeliner Lock Vehicle. Coming in a set, the pair will be coming out in January 2014 retailing for 4200 yen.

Meanwhile, Bujin Gaim is slated for a May release priced at 3775 yen. As a nice little present, pre orders will begin Christmas eve. At this time, it’s unknown when Bravo will be released, further release details pending.

  • RandomPerson

    I’ve gotta admit, I did NOT see that coming.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    I think Baron looked a lot better with the Blood Orange Arms!