First Clear Look At DX Sonic Arrow and Genesis Driver


Come next year, there’ll be a fresh new batch of Riders as the Energy Riders join the Warring States fray of Kamen Rider Gaim. With new Riders comes a new belt…and these juicy images of the DX Genesis Driver and Sonic Arrow have been making the rounds.


Right off the bat you can tell that the more clunky Genesis Driver is a departure from the slimmer cutting board esque Sengoku Driver with the Genesis Driver resembling a juicer also note the lack of a faceplate on the belt.

Also revealed in these new official images is our clear look at the DX Sonic Arrow which will include the Lemon Energy Lock Seed, the Energy version of Melon is included with the DX Genesis Driver.

Scheduled for a release in late December, the Genesis Driver retails for 6000 yen while the Sonic Arrow and Lemon Energy Seed set is priced at 5200 yen.

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