Bluefin Announces US Release of S.H.Figuarts MMPR Blue Ranger


The S.H.Figuarts line is getting awfully close to releasing a complete Mighty Morphin Team and Bandai has officially revealed the sixth of the Zyuranger figures to date. 

As expected from Internet Personality Vangelus’ interview with the Bluefin Team…The MMPR Blue Ranger or Tricera Ranger will be released exclusively via Tamashi Web shop in Japan.

But if you can’t get in touch with a middleman service in time worry not…for the figure will be coming to North America by way of Bluefin distribution.


Currently, the figure is expected to hit both Japanese and US markets in May 2014 with an asking price of 3780 yen in Japan the US pricing is unknown though if past Mighty Morphin Figuarts releases are any indication you can expect somewhere between 39-45.

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