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Hideo Kojima Posts Pics of Kamen Rider Gaim Toys?

By  | December 26, 2013 | News | With 13 Comments


Hideo Kojima, video game creator of the Metal Gear Series, posted up this photo of some Kamen Rider Gaim toys with the classic Kamen Rider X among them stating, “What I think of creating game today.” Not really breaking news, but I thought we could put this out to the community:

What do you think he means by this tweet?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • zenrai

    he’s making a tokuhero game ? or MGS is gonna influenced by kamen rider ?

  • Joe Tonello

    He means among the new generation there is often one true classic among them.

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Someone said maybe it’s that he feels like a classic hero among the new heroes. ^__^

  • zenrai

    mgs is old game anyway , stealth-ing since famicom

  • Trevor Kent

    He probably draws a lot of inspiration from his heroes, which might include Kamen Rider. A lot of creative people keep their inspirations around them while they work.

  • Fly

    he obviously means he’s an old schooler creator lost in the middle of a new-gen, ‘graphic is everything” era.

  • Rox Driscoll

    didnt know kojima was a kamen rider fan

  • GeminiSparkSP

    Kamen Rider costume confirmed for MGS V?

  • Rasvahn

    OMG I cannot begin to imagine how cool a game Kojima would make based on KR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    So, Hideo FREAKIN’ Kojima’s a Kamen Rider fan. Wow, I never would’ve guessed. I wonder if he’ll make a Kamen Rider Gaim game. O.o

  • ronald

    MSX to be precise, famicom version is a butchered version of original MSX game

  • ronald

    Naked Snake’s skydiving in MGS3 was noted to be inspired by Kamen Rider

  • Javolayer

    I think he means “everything is innovation” like humans powered up by fruits sounds weird , but if you took that and you managed to look good and a catching history you doing it well