Hideo Kojima Posts Pics of Kamen Rider Gaim Toys?


Hideo Kojima, video game creator of the Metal Gear Series, posted up this photo of some Kamen Rider Gaim toys with the classic Kamen Rider X among them stating, “What I think of creating game today.” Not really breaking news, but I thought we could put this out to the community:

What do you think he means by this tweet?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • zenrai

    he’s making a tokuhero game ? or MGS is gonna influenced by kamen rider ?

  • Joe Tonello

    He means among the new generation there is often one true classic among them.

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Someone said maybe it’s that he feels like a classic hero among the new heroes. ^__^

  • zenrai

    mgs is old game anyway , stealth-ing since famicom

  • Trevor Kent

    He probably draws a lot of inspiration from his heroes, which might include Kamen Rider. A lot of creative people keep their inspirations around them while they work.

  • Fly

    he obviously means he’s an old schooler creator lost in the middle of a new-gen, ‘graphic is everything” era.

  • Rox Driscoll

    didnt know kojima was a kamen rider fan

  • GeminiSparkSP

    Kamen Rider costume confirmed for MGS V?

  • Rasvahn

    OMG I cannot begin to imagine how cool a game Kojima would make based on KR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    So, Hideo FREAKIN’ Kojima’s a Kamen Rider fan. Wow, I never would’ve guessed. I wonder if he’ll make a Kamen Rider Gaim game. O.o

  • ronald

    MSX to be precise, famicom version is a butchered version of original MSX game

  • ronald

    Naked Snake’s skydiving in MGS3 was noted to be inspired by Kamen Rider

  • Javolayer

    I think he means “everything is innovation” like humans powered up by fruits sounds weird , but if you took that and you managed to look good and a catching history you doing it well