Happy New Year! First Tokkyuger Cast Photo!


We finally have the faces to the numbers of our new sentai cast…

Tokkyu Ichigou, Raito/Light, played by Shizon Jun

Tokkyu Nigou, Tokacchi (? difficult to make out), played by Hiramaki Jin

Tokkyu Sango, Mio, played by Riria

Tokkyu Yongou, Hikari, played by Yokohama Ryuusei

Tokkyu Gogou, Kagura, played by Moritaka Ai


Light up the comments below with your thoughts on the Tokkyuger casting!

Special thanks to Ekala for translating the names!

  • KaiEd

    Kamen Rider Beast with glasses, shinken blue, kyoryugreen and mai from gaim…

  • dod

    And the president of kamen rider club in fourze

  • Deen

    Shinken Blue?

    Much more like Wataru/Kiva for me.

    And Kyoryugreen is much more like Kaito/Baron and Mai is much more like Lilina/BoukenYellow.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    It’s like Bouken Yellow and Pink had their personalities reversed…

  • Joshua Cuyos

    So, will Tokkyu 1 be putting out a Death Note when they can’t beat their enemies? XD

  • Deen

    It’s been a long time since we didn’t have one of the Sentai members wearing glasses. All I can think is the first Sentai member wearing glasses was Raita/Yellow Owl from Jetman.

    Looking forward for this series.

  • Tony Nguyen

    I was hoping the tokkyuger 2 will be muscleman or a fat guy but he ends up really being a nerd

  • Katsuragi

    Japanese Billy?