The Garo spin-off special Zero: Black Blood has announced through their website ( information about cast members and characters that are set to appear in this special.


Rei, portrayed by Ray Fujita (Fujita Rei??), is a Makai Knight. Protector that cuts through the darkness. Considered powerful even among the Makai Knights. He tries to play it cool, but on the contrary has a warm heart. He has a big sweet tooth, which brings a rare smile to his face.


The titular character Zero the Silver Fanged Knight is the form that Rei takes when he is armored up. When in this form, he wields 2 swords to cut down horrors. His deadly secret is use of the flame. He can stay in armored form for 99.9 seconds.


Silva, portrayed by Ai Orikasa, is Rei’s partner and Makai Tool. Kind as a mother, but strict as a big sister, she provides back up for Rei. She was originally a necklace, but has been changed to the form of a glove to literally become his right hand. Silva means “family” in the ancient Makai language.


Yu, portrayed by Riria Yoshikawa, as translated from the site, “Suddenly appearing before Rei, she has the ability to wield the Soul metal of a Makai Sword. She’s an excellent swordfighter. She has a strong desire to take down Ring, but as a protector she has some other secret.”


Cain, portrayed by Takeko Naoki (?), is Yuna’s partner and master Makai Mage. Performs his magic with an umbrella. He’s a party boy who loves alcohol, but he’s really a sharp cool headed thinker with serious skills.


Ring, portrayed by Thane Camus (Sein Camu??), has a great imagination. He joined the darkness to create a perfect society. With his extremely high intelligence and fighting power, he gives Rei a run for his money.


Yu, portrayed by Nomoto Karia, is a mysterious woman who works together with Ring. In his perfect society, she takes the role of princess. Her singing voice has a mysterious power.


Bakura, portrayed by Gadarukanaru Taka, owns the bar that Rei frequents. He knows that Rei is a Makai Knight and tries to help him when he can. He is silent like the Buddha with a somber history.


This special is directed by Keita Amemiya,  produced by Kaneda Ryu, and series coordinator Yuji Kobayashi. The anticipated release date in select theaters is March 8, 2014.


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