WOW: Original Cover Arrangement of all Power Rangers Themes


Power Rangers has had some of the most memorable music and theme songs in the history of Pop Culture. While there exist thousands of covers of individual songs, typically of Mighty Morphin’, most do not go to the extent that PelleK will for his covers. PelleK raises the bar for the cover game with his latest: a full, original arrangement of EVERY Power Rangers theme to date!

PelleK is no stranger to Power Rangers music. Earlier this year, PelleK collaborated with another artist to publish this cover of the classic theme of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, written by the legend Ron Wasserman.

You can check out more by PelleK, including more covers and originals, at his Youtube page. You can purchase his originals and covers at his Official Website.
Who has performed your favorite cover of a Power Rangers theme? Let us know in the comments!


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