Tokublogs: Sentai Update (ToQger start!)


Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Jin’s birthday and new friendships with the Gaim cast!

tumblr_inline_n3dekhxhp81qhr70g Shison Jun (TQ1/Raito):
the first episode of ToQger, hanging out with Gaku, already being recognized by kids & moms, doing Purikura with the Gaim cast, his brother’s birthday, filming the crossover episode with the Gaim cast


Hiramaki Jin (TQ2/Tokacchi):
his new haircut, watching ToQger with his family & his dog, his birthday, birthday cake & gifts from the cast, Yutaka cutting the birthday cake, the origins of “meowllo”



Riria (TQ3/Mio):
making sweets for everyone for Valentine’s Day, the first episode, the different kinds of sweets she made, Jin’s birthday


Yokohama Ryuusei (TQ4/Hikari):
hanging with Mahiro on Valentine’s Day & practicing kendama, the first episode of ToQger, ToQger thoughts, friendship & friendly competition with Gaku & Mahiro, taking selfies with Jin sleeping in the background


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