What Do You Want from Power Rangers Dino Charge? Tell Saban Brands What You Really Think


Saban Brands wants to hear from you. Myself and others know that the people behind Power Rangers have a watchful eye on blogs and forums such as HJU. And it’s time the Powers That Be hear from the fans on what they want from Power Rangers Dino Charge. It is confirmed that Judd Lynn, who has been a part of some of Power Rangers finest series and episodes, is back in the showrunner chair. Saban Brands is actually aware of what us long time hardcore fans have felt about the show these past couple years. And believe it or not…. they actually care quite a bit. The want to win back the fans. Now’s YOUR chance to tell them what you want to see in the show in the forums on in the Comments below.

What do you want changed? What has the show not been doing up to this point that you want seen done going forward? I know we usually just think that this is a kids show and they could care less what us fans think, but…. they really do and want to know from the people that have kept them in the spotlight for so long.

So let ’em have it. All the disappointments, all of the victories, all of your Power Ranger hopes and dreams. Say it loud and proud in the Comments or drop your write up in our Official Power Rangers Dino Charge Feedback Thread.

This is where you get to be heard. Use your words… and make ’em count. 😉

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