Chroma Squad Beta is Live!

Chroma Squad Beta
The beta version for Chroma Squad, the indie Super Senshi Management game, is now live on Steam backers whom pledged $25 or more to the Kickstarter drive. Hit the jump for more on the Chroma Squad Beta!

Chroma Squad is an independent Management Sim, in which the player runs a studio producing a Super Sentai- style show. Completely parodic in nature, with lots of callbacks and plenty of quirks from the genre, Chroma Squad is a love letter to Tokusatsu, allowing players to play through a Campaign Mode, where they will build a studio from near shutdown to best studio in the world!

According to the announcement post on Kickstarter, players should expect “at least 2 hours of gameplay and many more features in the game. Wait, did I say many? Yes, many many more. You have a complete Season to play with, and we plan on update with new seasons frequently!”

Be sure to read the full post for a list of known problems and bugs, but be sure to post it on the Game’s Official Forum if you find others.

Download the beta, and sound off on what you think of the game? What do you want to see in future updates? Things that could be improved? Let the team know by sounding off in the comments, or posting on their official forums!
As an extra bonus, check out this great picture of the developers celebrating the release of the beta, as well as the graduation of one of their artists. Congratulations from Henshin Justice Unlimited!
Chroma Squad Beta

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