The Completionist plays MMPR: The Movie and More With Special Guests!

The Completionist
Popular Youtube content creator, That One Video Gamer, has released a new episode of his popular “The Completionist” gaming series! In it, he plays games as close to 100% completion as possible, for better or worse. Why is this relevant for HJU readers? The latest episode features the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie game, and a special guest: Steve Cardenas, who played Rocky, the second Mighty Morphin’ Red! Hit the jump for more!

Want more? Super Beard Bros (one of which is That One Video Gamer) did another video, where both Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt (Time Force) are interviewed while playing the game, as well as a game they both provided voices for, Battle Battalion!

Be sure to check out more from That One Video Gamer on his Youtube channel!
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