Super Sentai Artisan Zyuranger Dino Buckler Video Review

YouTuber Japanese Hero Toy Channel Bonolenov posted a video review of the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Dino Buckler ~Super Sentai Artisan~ item.

The item comes with the Dino Buckler, the belt buckle, the Tyrannosaurs Medal, and a Dino Crystal, an exclusive with this release. This Premium Bandai shop exclusive item will use the same mold used by the Power Rangers Legacy Morpher, which was released back in 2013. Even if that’s the case, this item will feature a different set of decals, different sound effects, and a new sound effect, which was first used in the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters film.

The item was released this month and only 5,000 copies of this item were made.

[via Orends: Range]

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