Kamen Rider Ghost: Three Riders vs. Ganma Army!


This month on Kamen Rider Ghost is not only the debut of Kamen Rider Deep Specter, but also the three Riders teaming up to fight the Ganma.


For starters, Takeru will still use the Toucon Boost Damashii in battle as next month he will transform into Toucon Beethoven Damashii, Toucon Billy the Kid Damashii, and Toucon Houdini Damashii. The later, which he used to defeat the Airplane Ganma.


But that’s not all, more souls will be unleashed as Benkei Ghost, Himiko Ghost, Ryoma Ghost, and Tutankhamum Ghost will be summoned by Kamen Rider Ghost Grateful Damashii in battle. But the main event for this month is that all three Kamen Riders will finally team-up to face Adel and his Ganma Army!

More on Adel, he gains the power of Ganmaizer Fire, one of the 15 protective gods of the Ganma World. With the power of fire, he fights Makoto who becomes Deep Specter. Deep Specter ambushes the Ganma Army led by Ganmaizer Fire.

Finally, Deep Specter also has a hellish mode called Enraged Mode. Details about it and how Specter will use it will be revealed next month.

[Source: The Ghouly News Tumblr]

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