2016 Ultraman Series, Ultraman Orb Revealed


The next entry of the Ultraman franchise is finally revealed, and his name is Ultraman Orb!

Ultraman Orb’s human host is Gai Kurenai, played by actor Hideo Ishiguro, best known to most tokusatsu fans as Kamen Rider Den-O’s final antagonist, Kai. Anyway, Gai transforms into Ultraman Orb using the Orb Ring and various Ultra Fusion Cards. In addition, he is also equipped with the Orb Slugger Lancer.


Anyway, Ultraman Orb’s gimmick involves into transforming a fusion form of two classic Ultramen. The first three forms that he will transform into are:

  • Ultraman Orb – Spacium Zeperion, a form that combines the energy types first Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga.
  • Ultraman Orb – Hurricane Slash, a form that combines Ultraman Zero (Strong Corona)’s Ultra Hurricane and Ultraman Jack’s slash techniques.
  • Ultraman Orb – Burnmite, a form that combines Ultraman Mebius (Burning Brave)’s fire attacks and Ultraman Taro’s Ultra Dynamite.

In addition, the toy listings also revealed the Ultra Kaiju that Ultraman Orb might encounter in the future. These Ultra Kaiju are: Mephilas Seijin, Maga Pandon, Maga Jappa, Maga Land King, Maga Birther, Ho, Gubira, Cherub, Balbalu Seijin, Jaglass Juggler and Maga Orochi.

Ultraman Orb is set for a July 9 release.

​[Source: HeroShock (link 2, link 3)]

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