Kamen Rider Ghost: Deep Specter’s Enraged Mode, Ryu’s Secret Revealed


This May on Kamen Rider Ghost will feature a lot of changes now that all three Riders are now under the same team.

To kick things off, Makoto will unlock the full potential of the Kamen Rider Deep Specter form as he unleashes its Enraged Mode. In this form, Deep Specter gains more power and wings and can now handle stronger enemies.


Next is that the suit actor for the main Kamen Riders since Kamen Rider Agito, Seiji Takaiwa will have a regular role in the series. Takaiwa will play the role of Gyro, a new Ganma executive working under Adel.


Next is that now that Alain is officially one of the good guys, it seems that it is time for him to ditch his Ganma uniform! As seen in the image above, he gets a new set of threads thanks to Fumi, the takoyaki lady.


Finally, after months of wondering, we will finally learn Ryu’s big secret! Based on the image above, we will finally learn how the Hermit got involved in all of this. But wait, who is the mysterious ghost that will also appear next month?

[Source: The Ghouly News, HeroShock]

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