Zyuohger: Cube Kuma and a Love Triangle?!


This May on Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger will feature a debut of a new Cube Weapon, but that’s not all, this month will also feature a guest from a popular idol group!

This new Cube Weapon is the Cube Kuma, which can transform into an axe for the Wild Zyuoh King to use. In addition, our heroes much face the players sent by Azald and Cuval.

Finally, Nogizaka46 member Sayuri Inoue will guest star in the show’s 13th episode, which will air on May 8th. In the episode, she’ll play the role of Yuri Igarashi, a mountaineer who is looking for the Bird Man, the same time the Zyuohgers are also looking for him. That being said, Leo begins to fall in love with her, but instead, she falls in love with Yamato, who saves her. The episode will feature a love triangle story.

A big fan of the Super Sentai Series, she likes to call herself Sayuranger, and can pick out the suit actors and moments in a show. Inoue wishes to someday play an additional ranger.

[Source: Orends: Range (link 2)]

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