Shakespeare Eyecon Included in Every UNIQLO Kamen Rider Shirt Purchase


A new limited edition Ghost Eyecon was revealed for Kamen Rider Ghost, and you can obtain it by buying Kamen Rider t-shirts.


UNIQLO and Bandai are partnering in a line of Kamen Rider Ghost t-shirts and if you purchase two of these shirts, you’ll receive the Shakespeare Ghost Eyecon.

Like the rest of the Ghost Eyecon line, you can use it in your DX Ghost Driver or to transform into Kamen Rider Ghost Shakespeare Damashii in the Ganbarizing arcade game. The said line of Kamen Rider Ghost shirts will go on sale starting on May 27th.

UPDATE (5/1/16): Fixed info about how to get the Shakespeare Eyecon. Special thanks to Sei Zha Kopp for the additional info.

‚Äč[Source: The Ghouly News Tumblr]

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