Kamen Rider Dark Ghost, New Forms Revealed


Not only did the new Kamen Rider Ghost toy catalog gave us our first look at Kamen Rider Ghost Mugen Damashii, it also gave us a look at a new enemy Rider!

This new enemy is Kamen Rider Dark Ghost, and he is the primary antagonist of the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost summer movie. His user transforms using the Dark Ghost Eyecon. It’s transformation jingle is “The power of darkness! Bad guys!” In addition, he also transforms into Dark Ghost Napoleon Damashii, which he transforms using the Napoleon Eyecon. Its transformation jingle is “Begin the Revolution! It is destiny!”

Kamen Rider Ghost on the other hand, will also get a new form for the movie, the Kamen Rider Ghost Darwin Damashii. Ghost transforms into this form using the Darwin Eyecon. Its transformation jingle is “Discussion! Conclusion! The Theory of Evolution!”

In the film, Dark Ghost will steal the 15 Heroic Eyecons and his goal is to gather the souls of those around the world who are honored the title of “hero” as he aims to collect 100 Heroic Souls in order to obtain the “Ultimate Eyecon“! Lastly, Darwin will be tied into the film’s fated conflict.

As for the Dark Ghost and his Eyecons, the Dark Ghost & Napoleon & Darwin Ghost Eyecon Set will cost 2,000 yen and it will be available in August. Kamen Rider Ghost’s summer movie is part of the Kamen Rider franchise’s 45th anniversary celebrations, and it is set for an August 6 premiere.

[Source: The Ghouly News Tumblr]

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