Zyuohger: A New Enemy! Zyuoh The World!


After months wondering who is the man behind the mask, the latest issue of Televi-kun magazine has unveiled more information about Zyuoh The World!


Naoki Kunishima will play the role of Zyuoh The World’s alter ego, Misao Mondo. As for how Misao became Zyuoh The World, it is all thanks to Genis. Genis wants to fight equally and thus, he decides to capture a regular human being and create his own Zyuohger.


As for how he did it, he captured three zyumans, he captured the rhino, wolf, and crocodile zyumans and get their powers and transferred it to Misao, creating his new player, Zyuoh The World! Thanks to this, he has three forms, and he can use it depending on what mask he is wearing at the moment.


His base form is the Rhinos Form, a form with balanced strength and technique stats. The Wolf Form is his fastest form, and finally, the Crocodile Form is the strongest when it comes to raw attack power.


Using this in his advantage, he is equipped with Zyuoh The Gun Rod, his personal weapon to fight the Zyuohgers. This weapon has two modes, the Rod Mode and the Gun Mode. As seen in the images, we see Zyuoh The World in his Rhinos Form use it like a regular fishing rod weapon and as a regular staff. Also seen above is Zyuoh The World in his Wolf Form using it like a sniper rifle.


Unlike the other Zyuohgers, he has a unique Beast Unleashed mode, the Great Beast Unleashed, which allows him to use the best traits of the three animals he represent. Because of this, he gains rhino horns in his shoulders, a crocodile tail whip in his right arm, and a wolf’s claw in his left hand.


Finally seen below is a look at his personal mecha, the Tousai Zyuoh, which he summons using his transformation device, the Zyuoh The Light. This device has four modes, these modes are: Transformation, Summon, Combine, and Cube Search.


As for Tousai Zyuoh, this mecha is composed of the following Cube Animals: Cube Rhinos, Cube Crocodile, and the Cube Wolf. Both Cube Crocodile and Cube Wolf are regular sized Cube Animals, and as per the toy catalog, can combine with Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild. Cube Rhinos on the other hand, is a giant truck-like mecha.

[Source: HeroShock, Doubutsu Sentai Tumblr]

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