Review: Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Issue 5

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Rita Repulsa always planned to defeat the Power Rangers with her own Green Ranger, but was Tommy always her first choice?

Issue 5

Issue 4 left us with quite the cliffhanger. A destroyed Command Center and a new unknown evil has come calling, so you would think that issue 5 would pick up seconds later. Instead Kyle Higgins and crew threw a curve ball by flashing back one month before Tommy even came to Angel Grove.  Turns out before Tommy, Rita had her sights set on Zach becoming her Green Ranger. Kidnapping Zach after a battle where Jason heralded as the hero (by the public), Rita tries to convince Zach to join her side.

The previous issues gave us wonderful character development for each of the rangers, so here we get to spend some quality time with Rita. Throughout this ordeal we get to see a side of Rita that we rarely if ever got to see in the TV series. What is presented to us is a Rita Repulsa that is a lot more cunning and manipulative. A Rita Repulsa that uses the power of words instead of the power of magic or fists. Of course we already know she ultimately fails, but how close she came to convincing Zach is interesting. This also further deepens our understanding of why Zach was so hesitant and not completely trustful towards Tommy in the previous issues. He knows all too well first hand what kind of manipulation and persuasion Rita is capable of.

And that’s where this issue really shines. It’s not just a flashback issue to have a flashback issue, nor is it just a throwaway side story to get in the way of and make us crave the return to the main story even more. What we are given is a deeper understanding of not only Rita’s plan, but also the kind of control Tommy was under and how hard it was to totally break free from. And of course we even get a little bit of a cliffhanger in this issue from a mysterious voice. Could this voice be connected to the unknown figure from the end of issue 4? Hopefully issue 6 will tell us.

Boom! Studios MMPR on going comic series continues to impress with it’s writing, artwork, and layout. It’s simply just a joy to read and I continue to anxiously look forward to each new issue’s release. Highly recommended for Power Ranger fans new and old.

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