Review: Boom! Studios MMPR Issue 6


Boom! Studios made us wait for the resolution of the cliffhanger in issue 4. Was it worth the wait? Well, is Zordon a big giant head?

Admittedly I was going to review MMPR Pink issue 1 before this issue. But after reading this issue on a lunch break, I had to bump it to the front of the line! And don’t forget to keep reading after the review to find out how you can win your very on copy of MMPR issue 6!

Issue 6

After what seems like waiting forever, Kyle Higgins and crew wasted no time getting the action started in this issue. In fact if you have been wishing the series had more action, your wish was granted and then some! While we still don’t know all the details of this new baddie, we now know his name…the Black Dragon. And he made sure our heroes knew he wasn’t going to be just some pushover.

All too often in the TV series, the Rangers would go up against a monster of the week, get beat, then retreat to Zordon who would tell them the monster’s weakness and how best to defeat them. The Rangers would then face off against the monster again, only this time use the knowledge to their advantage and make quick work of the threat. Black Dragon is no monster of the week though. Here we have a villain that not only beat the Rangers but made them have to retreat just so they could survive! Only this time there was no Zordon or Alpha-5 to run back to. No new strategy gained to defeat Black Dragon. As issue 6 was mostly action I don’t want to give too much away, but by the end of the issue if this isn’t the Power Ranger’s darkest hour, it is dang close to it!

Issue 6 leaves us yet again with a cliffhanger of how the rangers are going to overcome the Black Dragon, especially with the loss of those who would be best at figuring out a way to defeat him. But it also delivers a deeper question. Who exactly is the Black Dragon? He calls Rita “Empress,” showing the kind of respect bestowed upon her by Goldar and crew. Rita also mentions that he contacted her with the plan to beat the Power Rangers. Does this mean he’s a third big baddie out there in the universe previously unknown to us? Or was he sent to Earth by Lord Zedd like Goldar before him? Hopefully we’ll get these answers, but I pray not too quickly because I’m enjoying the mystery of this new character.

Once again everyone at Boom! Studios has knocked it out of the park with the on going MMPR series. I never expected the season 1 Power Rangers to be this good and to look forward to reading the issues as much as I do. In fact because of this comic I’ve even been re-watching seasons 1 and 2 of MMPR on Netflix just to get a better understanding of the differences in the storytelling. And while I am still nostalgic for the TV show, I have fallen in love with this new updated approach.

Until the next review, may the Power protect you.
Special thanks to Boom! Studios for providing the review sample.

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