Spider-Man vs. Venom… Kamen Rider Style!

spider-man henshin

Every fan of modern cartoon animation knows that YouTube is a place where you can usually find something amazing that you’ve never seen before. And that was definitely the case when I stumbled across this awesome clip of Spiderman battling Venom courtesy of CartoonHooligans.

CartoonHooligans have built up a great reputation over the past few years for their YouTube channel that’s followed by over one million subscribers thanks to their impressive animation parodies that cover everything from traditional comic book heroes like Batman, to epic Japanese animation classics like Dragon Ball Z.

And although they’ve found success in delivering funny parodies of Mad Max: Fury Road, it’s when they create showdowns between legendary characters like Spiderman and Venom that CartoonHooligans really knock it out of the park!

This is because the short movie is a huge treat for fans of the Tokusatsu genre as it uses an animation style that’s full of amusing action that definitely pays homage to Kamen Rider – not least in how the Spiderman belt makes a noise that’s undeniably close to an iconic Kamen Rider sound effect!


Kamen Rider has gradually grown to become a modest cult hit in the West, and so it’s hoped that clips like this could see the franchise eventually hope to reach a level of success that was enjoyed by the Power Rangers. This is particularly so as there have been efforts made to ensure that Kamen Rider becomes a gaming hit with the Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution 3DS game launching in Japan later this year.

It’s really great to see Marvel Comics creations like Spiderman and Venom finally getting a treatment that bears impressive similarities to many modern anime masterpieces. The last few Spiderman movies that have come out of Hollywood have definitely been a little uninspired, and so it’s good to see how these famous characters used some anime-esque stylings.

And with Eastern-influenced animation gaining greater exposure in many surprising areas including video slots that even feature a few Bruce Lee action moves, it’s expected that we could soon see many more traditional western entertainment forms using a little Tokusatsu styling.

But what really makes this clip all the more exciting was the way that it introduced the Masked Ant-man at the end of the feature that shows that this is an adventure that will continue with some action-packed consequences!

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