Review: Boom! Studios MMPR Pink Issue 1


Kimberly’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble. Hey-na, hey-na, Kimberly’s back! But is this 6 issue mini series worth your time?


Today we’re going to take a look at Boom! Studio’s first Power Ranger mini series MMPR Pink. The solicitation for issue 1 stated, “Expect new problems, new powers, and an all-new costume for OG heroine Kimberly Hart as she returns to the Pink Ranger mantle! But how? Why now? Discover firsthand in this exclusive story that spans the Mighty Morphin universe as never before!” But wait, how can she be back if she’s still with the team in the on-going series?

The story takes place at an unspecified time in the future. The only thing we know about the date is in the first panel which tells us, “Last day of the Pan Global Games, Gymnastics Competition.” This is actually pretty exciting because it tells us that the story in the main series is going to, at some point, follow very closely to how the TV series handled the transition to the new cast.

Kimberly worried about her Mother, whom missed her competition and texts, races from the Netherlands to France. And what she finds there kicks off her adventure. What’s really cool is for the first time we really get to see how a Ranger continues on with life with no powers, especially when they find themselves in a Ranger situation. Good thing though once a Ranger, always a Ranger, so Kimberly suits up and starts an investigation into what is going on in this empty town in France. It’s not long before she runs head first into trouble and even without her powers Kimberly still kicks butt. Concerned that what is going on in the town is the doing of Rita & Zedd (more conformation that the story will follow the show), she contacts Zordon using her old communicator.

Unfortunately the Rangers are off planet and unable to help, but because of a loophole when she transferred her pink powers to the new Pink Ranger, Kimberly is able to be powered up into a Pink Ranger again…although temporarily. What’s really cool is the updated look of her costume. The helmet is still the same, but the suit itself leans more towards a biker motif than the Ranger suits we’re used to. Without giving too much away in this first issue, Kimberly is able to track down the hideout of some monsters outside of town where she comes face to face with the villain of the story.

I honestly wasn’t sure how much I was going to like this mini series. The Pink Ranger was never my favorite Ranger and seemed to me like an odd choice for the first solo mini series. But writers Brenden Fletcher & Kelly Thompson really hooked me with a little mystery sprinkled with little nuggets of information about the future in the main series. Daniele Di Nicuolo’s art is also clean and crisp and what I’ve come to expect from the main series. The action and fights are well detailed and Kimberly looks like Kimberly, just slightly older. If you are a fan of Boom! Studio’s MMPR main series (and really why wouldn’t you be? It’s rad!) give this mini series a go! Highly recommended.


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