Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is here and with it all new roleplay toys!

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has premiered in Japan and that means new toys, Toys, TOYS!

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid premiered over this past weekend in Japan and that of course that means new toys are hitting stores!
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s motif this year is video games and the toys reflect that style in look and sound. Released so far in the DX roll-play line is the Ex-Aid Gamer Driver, the Kimewaza Slot Holder w/ Bakusou Bike Gashat (Gashats are devices that I’m assuming give the Riders different power-ups), the Shakariki Sports Gashat, and the Gashakon Breaker. Also released is an Ex-Aid Eyecon for those that want to fill out your Kamen Rider Ghost collection.
Each toy comes with sound effects that will fill your 8-bit gamer heart full of love.
Check out the embedded video for details on the function and sounds of these pretty rad toys:
Feel the need to add Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s gear to your collection? You can find the current line of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid toys at your favorite import webstores and they have even started to filter onto Ebay.
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