Review: Boom! Studios MMPR Issue 7


No powers, No Zords, and No Zordon.

In issue 6 the Power Rangers were defeated, on the run, and without powers. If this was the Transformers, it would be their darkest hour. In this issue that hour continues…



Still trapped in their pocket dimension, the Rangers are trying to figure out how to get their powers back. Or should I say Trini is trying to figure it out. But without Billy or Zordon, she’s having a tough time. Rita is moving into the Ranger’s former Control Center and the Black Dragon uses his power take over at least 2 of the Zords. Billy is trapped in Rita’s Dark dimension, and he’s not alone. All while Tommy is blaming himself for his anger getting the better of them. This is indeed dark times for our heroes.

During MMPR’s first few seasons we saw the Rangers have to jump over tough hurdles. But they’ve always had support. Even when powers were stripped, memories were wiped, or even brainwashed they always had Zordon and/or Alpha 5 to rely on. But for the first time that I can remember, Kyle Higgins has put the Rangers in real jeopardy. Stripped of their powers and without anyone that could easily solve or figure out a way to get their powers back, the Rangers are left with only their bravery and a little bit of hope. Good thing sometimes that’s all you need.

Meanwhile Rita has broadcast to the world that the leaders have 24 hours to submit to her as Queen of Earth or she will unleash the captured Zords and start destroying the hell out of everything. If the Rangers didn’t have enough problems, now this puts them on a clock. Twenty-four hours to get Billy back, reconnect to the morphin’ grid, and stop Rita and Black Dragon.

Thankfully the Rangers still do have an ace in the hole in Tommy. As his powers are connected to the morphin’ grid in a different way than the core 5, he still retains his powers, and comes up with the theory that if Rita has Billy anywhere, it will be in her dark dimension. But the only way to get there is through a portal in her palace…which is on the moon. What comes next some very cool action featuring our favorite Dragon Zord in space, but it’s not just a walk in the park to get Billy back.

Issue 7 continues to ramp up the tension and one wonders how the Rangers are going to get out of this mess. They better hurry because they only have 24 hours until Rita’s deadline and she becomes Queen of Earth. Boom! Studios continues their fantastic run of Power Rangers with a smartly written story and wonderful art! Highly Recommended.

Until the next review, may the Power protect you.
Special thanks to Boom! Studios for providing the review sample.


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