Pre-Order: S.H. Figuarts Shinkochu Seiho Hardboiler & Official Images

P-Bandai Seiho Harboiler

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Fans speculated a new S.H. Figuarts Hardboiler would be made to coincide with the Shinkochu Seiho Kamen Rider W, but were unsure of how it would be released: retail or exclusive via Premium Bandai. Then a few days ago a new version appeared, but remain unlisted of its release until Premium Bandai more recently opened pre-orders for this item. Premium Bandai also seemingly listed this new Hardboiler as a S.H.Figuarts Shinkochu Seihou, which makes it the first bike to be directly apart of this advanced SHF line. Premium Bandai has this item priced at 5,184 yen, with its schedule release for April 2017. Fans who are interested in owning this item should contact their preferred middleman, or check online stores that provide the ability to own these exclusives.

Source: Premium Bandai, Hero Club

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