Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention

Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention

Join us for an amazing weekend as Highlander Alumni & other Stars Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Highlander’s” release in 1986, and the dynasty it started!

December 3rd and 4th, 2016: a weekend to go down in history for the Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention! Celebrate the 1986 movie we all know and love, the TV series and other delights, at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida.

In an extraordinary piece of luck, I am able to attend this convention.

The first Highlander movie is a balm to my heart in its perfection. It’s a delight to be able to attend. The TV series had many wonderful episodes.

Classes at the Highlander 30th Anniversary con!


Adrian Paul will have two Sword Experiences.

Elizabeth Gracen will be teaching a Flying Rainbow Fan Class.

Elizabeth Gracen played Amanda in the Highlander series, and in her very own spinoff, Highlander: The Raven. She is a wonderful woman. She has published a Young Adult’s book of her own, Shalilly, which I purchased and read. I like it!

F. Braun McAsh, Swordmaster and Fight Choreographer extraordinaire, will teach a Combat Knife Class. Aside from being the Swordmaster for most of the series, he also was in an episode as Hans Kershner, a role he is reprising for the Highlander: Dark Places feature!

He is an eloquent, wonderful man. His website is The Ring of Steel.

Anthony De Longis, Whip Master to the Stars, is putting together a class “Mastering the Bullwhip – The Supersonic Flexible Blade”. He was in the series twice. Once as Lyman Kurlow in the episode “Blackmail”, and as Otavio Consone in the well-loved episode “Duende”.

He is a marvelously active man. See his website! Anthony De Longis

Filmmakers Jeremy Orr and Andrew Modeen are having a Reception Party to show off their Highlander movies: The Watcher, and Dark Places.

The creators of the Highlander: Veritas stop-motion Youtube series, Derek May and Daniel Shaw, will be in attendance!
Highlander: Veritas Full Feature

Present will be the Highlander Rewatched gentlemen from Philadelphia!

Rewatching the Entire Highlander Universe! Each week, the Rewatchers explore a new episode of the Highlander TV series, bringing you trivia, laughs, and an in depth look at the Highlander mythos. If you have any questions or comments about the episodes, you can join the conversation by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter @TheRewatchers, or emailing us directly at HighlanderRewatched@gmail.com.

Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention

Representing the Fandom Podcast Network, Blood of Kings will also be there!

Highlander Blood of Kings Podcast Facebook Group

Blood of Kings is a group for fans of all ages and veteran “Watchers” of all things HIGHLANDER: The Movies, The Series, The Animated Series, Podcasts, Games and more! Please be courteous to your fellow forum members and enjoy the conversation.




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