Review: Boom! Studios MMPR Pink Issues 2-4


Get ready, cause we’re about to dive into issues 2-4! It’s MORPHIN’ TIME!

I am WAY behind on my reviews of the MMPR Pink comic series, so get set for a mega review catching us up from issues 2-4! Are you ready? Okay, BACK TO ACTION!



We start issue 2 seconds after issue 1. Kimberly has found the cave where the monsters are located, lead by none other than Goldar, and has just come face to face with the realization that the monsters are the townspeople….including her mom! Out numbered Kimberly needs help, but with the Rangers currently off world who can she turn to?

Turns out Kimberly isn’t the only one back in this issue as we are treated with the return of Trini and Zack both of whom are somewhere in South America! As nice as it was to catch up with and see what Kimberly was doing in issue 1, it’s just as nice to see what life is like for Trini and Zack after they transferred their powers.

Back in France and after a mini reunion with Zordon, Kimberly uses the Sword of Light to imbue both Trini and Zack. Power Rangers once again and with the same cool updated costumes that Kimberly is sporting. But that’s not the ONLY surprise. Shortly after Zordon cuts communication we get to hear and see a glimpse of another Ranger. Tommy pops in briefly in all his White Ranger glory. While it’s only a few panels, we learn some important information. Things are not going well with the Rangers off world, in fact it looks like Rita and Zedd have the upper hand and Tommy is on his own. Then the communication cuts out. What might have turned out to be a Tommy cameo (because of course Tommy would get a cameo right?) became something much more interesting. In my last review, I mentioned how it was cool that the writers were foreshadowing events after the main story line wraps in the on going series. Now who knows if this will be the next major story line or something still even further down the in the pipeline, I am now hoping that whenever we get here we will get to see the other side of this transmission. When and if we ever get this story it will be an awesome little Easter Egg months or even a year or two down the line to reference this issue.

The issue then wraps up pretty quickly with a brief battle overwhelming the Rangers. Goldar captures the Sword of Light, the Rangers are depowered and captured, and Kimberly was betrayed. Oh and Goldar now has a Zord….see  ya next issue!



It’s true! Goldar now has a zord of his own, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Kimberly, Trini, & Zack are currently in a cage after learning that Serge (the town survivor Kim met in the first issue) betrayed them out of fear for losing his sister. That’s when Kim and Trini hatch a plan using Kim’s communicator to cause a distraction. I won’t spoil what it is, but let’s just say it’s Morphinomial! The distraction works allowing our heroes to escape and regroup.

Unfortunately for me after this is where the issue starts to slide in quality as we venture heavily into trope-ville. One of the monsters sees our heroes escape and Kim immediately recognizes it as her mom and of course is able to break through the brainwashing and reconnect. Goldar despite having the clear upper hand is a bumbler and quickly loses the Sword of Light allowing our heroes to become Power Rangers once again. It’s then reveled that Goldar isn’t on a mission for Rita or Zedd, but wants to take over the world himself in their absence. And with his newly created zord Typhonis, he now has the tools to do so. However the leader of the monsters Verto doesn’t take too kindly to Goldar’s betrayal and turns on both him and the Power Rangers.

The Rangers split up with Zack and Trini helping to free the prisoners so Kim can once again be the star of her series. After a brief battle and escape with the help of her mom, Kimberly finds herself one on one with Goldar inside Typhonis with her mom’s safety in the balance. And while battling Goldar (which is a pretty cool battle actually) we come to the next trope. That even though Verto built the zord for Goldar, he also built in a way to control it himself with the use of his trident. And so he commands Typhonis to the bottom of the ocean to drown both Kim and Goldar who are trapped inside…and must now work together to escape.

This issue has good action and does move the story forward, but it’s heavy use of tropes to do so brings this issue down a couple of notches. The issue does what it needs to do within its pages to further the story. It’s good but it’s not great.



Kimberly and Goldar working together? What is this mass hysteria? Well not quite, even though both are trapped inside Goldar’s zord Typhonis with the ocean water quickly rising, Goldar still wants to fight miss goodie-two-shoes. Eventually Kimberly convinces Goldar to work with her using his thirst for vengeance and they are able to escape in Kimberly’s old Firebird zord.

During their escape we also learn that Zordon is fading fast due to having his energy split off to keep Kim, Trini, & Zack energized and also to keep in communication. Flashing back to the Firebird zord, we again are treated to some great action as Goldar tries to kamikaze Verto in the Firezord but is stopped by Kimberly and her mom.  Here ends the quick alliance between Goldar and Kimberly…..or does it?

On the beach Goldar grabs Verto (whom is fighting with Zack) and flies up into the sky to kill him, but Verto bites his arm forcing Goldar to drop him in the ocean. This allows our heroes a pause in the action as Trini and Zack inform Kim of Zordon’s condition. Contacting Zordon and Alpha 5 again, the rangers are told that by cutting Zordon’s communication off it will give Kimberly an extra 24 hours to use his power before she has to return it to him (or he’ll die). But that’s not the only good news from Alpha 5. In order to defeat Goldar and Verto Kim will need a full team of Power Rangers and that is when Zordon recruits Serge and his sister Britt to help. Using the Sword of Light Kimberly makes her team whole with Serge becoming the Blue ranger and Britt becoming the Red ranger!

The team now helps the remaining townsfolk get their town ready for Verto’s return. But not before Goldar realizes that he in fact needs the Power Rangers help if he is to have his revenge on Verto and once again makes an alliance with the Power Rangers. The issue leaves us with Verto returning, standing on Typhonis’ shoulder.

Issue 4 is a definite improvement from the last issue. Less trope reliant to move the story forward and with a pretty big and awesome surprise near the second half of the issue with Serge & Britt becoming Rangers. Also the set up for what seems like the final battle, but there are still two more issues left in this mini series. Will the final battle take up two issues? Will we find out more about the trouble Tommy is in? Will our heroes save the townspeople and the day? I look forward to finding out. Even with a slight dip with issue 3, I still highly recommend this series.

Until the next review, may the Power protect you.
Special thanks to Boom! Studios for providing the review samples.

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