New Film from Jabronie Pictures- Codex Hero Excel

The 48 Hour Film Project has produced some great short film pieces. Now, our friends at Jabronie Pictures have introduced tokusatsu to the mix, with their latest short film, Codex Hero Excel. Hit the jump to check it out, and find out how you can support Jabronie in the competition!

From Jay at Jabronie:

Hey toku fans! Jay from Battle Hero Absolute here. Our tokusatsu film made the top 25 in the world for a huge film competition where we made a film in 3 days. We were lucky enough to get Superhero as our given genre. So we made a version of Battle Hero Absolute and made it family friendly. We need your help voting for us. This might go to Cannes Film Festival.

Click Here to Vote for Codex Hero Excel!

Codex Hero Excel from Fernando Jay Huerto on Vimeo.

In order to support the film:
1) Click here to WATCH the Audience Choice Films.
2) Vote for three films at this link, including Codex Hero Excel. If you do not vote for three films, none of your votes will count.
3) Spread the word!

To check out more Jabronie Pictures material, click this link!

We at Henshin Justice Unlimited wish Jay and the entire Jabronie crew luck with this film competition.

What did you think of Codex Hero Excel? Let us, and Jabronie, know in the comments or forums, and be sure to keep it here for the latest in Tokusatsu news!

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