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 Latest Tokusatsu Updates
By  | April 23, 2014 | 0 Comments


The Arms Change line continues down Kamen Rider Gaim’s long list of fruity Armored Riders and it’s just been announced that they’ll be taking a crack at the zesty Energy Rider Duke and Mister Walnut Man himself: Armored Rider Knuckle!

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A brand new, original online series is coming soon to Henshin Justice Unlimited!

15 years ago, the Super Task Force Six were shut down in secret by The evil Emperor Zagel. Since then, he has been working on a super weapon powered by all six armors. When a former Enforcer realizes this plan, he risks his life to steal Unit Green and passes it off to a completely unprepared Jason. Can Jason keep Unit Green out of Zagel’s clutches?

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Hello again HJU! Dustin here with a reminder for our Chroma Squad Beta stream where YOU can win your own beta key and try it yourself!!

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Joining the line up of colorful trains, a new pair of Ressha arrives on the Rainbow Line. All Aboard! SafaraiGaOh and Buildaioh along with new Sentai Legend Ressha have been revealed in the third quarter toy catalogs.

By  | April 22, 2014 | 1 Comment


Another scan of this month’s issue of Figureoh Magazine teases the release of Ishinomori’s classic Kikaider character. He’ll making his long awaited debut into the S.H.Figuarts line, perfect with the new Reboot film looming on the horizon!

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Tamashi isn’t quite done with Kamen Rider Blade yet! From the depths of Figuroh magazine we’ve just gotten word Blade Jack Form is coming to the world of highly detailed collectables.

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Bandai has finally released new images of the next Armored Rider Gaim release for S.H.Figuarts with Ryugen joining this fellow Beat Riders in the fight. 

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The Toys Catalog of Ultraman Ginga S has been leaked online by Fujiya Hobby. These catalog scans reveal the Henshin and Power Up device of Ultraman Victory and Ultraman Ginga respectively.

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