1 Year of Great Justice

Welcome to the Halls of Justice!

My name is Keith Hayward, but around our cyber-digs here, folk refer to me as J Caizer or JC for short. I’m just a regular fan like any other who’s a strong passion and love for all things awesome. Once upon a time I applied my fanboy craft at the prestigeous Japan Hero but as my vision of a website grew and grew I came the the realization that Japan Hero was not my own place. With that I jumped ship from ol’ JH to allow it to plow forward upon its powerful and formidable path, while I went forth the find my own path to justice.

Thus, Henshin Justice Unlimited was born. The right clicks at the right time put in my hands a most bitchin’ vBulletin board and through the help of the friends I’ve made over the ages was able to put it up at the url you find yourself at today.

I have a strong love for Tokusatsu, but I wanted to make a place completely different than the others. Ya see, I don’t mind saying this on the highest mountain, but I love the Power Rangers! Farkin’ love the show on a level that some crazied Cheese Head may love the Packers, whether they suck this season or not. And I’ve no illusions that some of the seasons have definatly sucked, but over time the show’s just become family to me that I’m easily willing to suffer a Power Rangers Turbo or Ninja Storm, if it’ll give me the greatness that is Power Rangers Lost Galaxy or Time Force (heh, no offense to the Turbo and NS fans out there! Enjoy what ya like, I say…). But as I’ve found on my travels across the intertron to various other Tokusatsu Boards, loaded to the gills with “true fans”, that which brought me to the genre, and that I still have fun with, has become a dirty word of sorts. The very show that brought me and many others to the genre was not welcome. Some places won’t even let you say the gorram word without giving you a ban or finding yourself on the business end of flaming that’s encouraged by the administration there.

So… frell that. HJU is a different kind of board and website, dedicated to the fans that care more about shows they love than shows they hate. It’s dedicated to the fans that are able to speak of Ranger Heroes like Jason, Tommy, Burai and that pimpin’ Sensai from DaiRanger all in the same breath and say it with pride.

You stop by here, first and foremost I want you all to have fun. Kickback, relax, watch a vid, discuss the latest video game you’re jamming on, maybe indulge in some morphenominal Mystic Force discussion, or maybe you want to chat about your chosen path to heaven in the Kamen Rider Kabuto. Whatever your poison, so long as you show respect for your fellow Justicer…. it’s all good ’round here.

Well, that’s about enough of that. As time rolls on, we will continue to build. The front page will go over many upgrades and design changes. Expect downloadable podcast goodness, eventual reviews and regular updates featuring whatever video we find out there in the wilds of the interweb that come jam packed with concentrated awesome.

You’ll find your HJU standard morpher/changer in the glove compartment of your Control Panel once you’ve registrered with us and then the true fun can begin.

You, ready?!

Rock On!!