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Airs February 10th 2007.
The Menacing Mebius Killer

Guest monsters:
Dimensional Super Being – Mebius Killer
Dimensional Super Being – Giant Yabuuru
Assimilation Space Beast – Gadiba
Strategist Alien – Desuremu
Freezing Alien – Guroozamu
Vicious Alien – Mephiras

In a place of darkness, three enormous silhouettes, a fourth one approaches. Desuremu, Guroozamu, Mephiras and…Yabuuru!
Jinguuji Aya visits Phoenix Nest. The world-known natural sea scientist Aya turns out to be Chairman Takenaka’s granddaughter!
Aya asks Mirai out on a date. The reason is to clarify something that she had in her heart. The two went to the city and had a very happy time.
Meanwhile, the origin of the time waves seemingly responsible of calling monsters is identified and reported to HQ. Immediately GUYS prepares to go. Failing to contact Mirai, Phoenix Nest takes off. Mirai finally realizes the situation and prepares for battle, when suddenly the supposedly sealed Yabuuru appears before him!

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  • man3k

    hey, this monster looks similar to past version which almost slain the ultra brothers.. fortunately ACE was there to help!

    I don’t remember the name.. but there IS an older version which looks the same.

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