Next Week On… KAMEN RIDER DEN-O – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Airs March 4th 2007.
A Swindler’s Dignity

Momotaros and Urataros keep fighting through Ryotaro’s body. With Den Liner about to wreck, Hana’s thunderous intervention somehow calms the two Imagin down but not the great animosity between them.
Meanwhile, Crust Imagin, having closed the contract with Daiki, had been continuosly attacking Daiki’s soccer teammates. Seeing them one after another enter the hospital with injuries fills Daiki with fear, but when questioned by Hana, who was after Crust Imagin, Daiki denies having anything to do with him…


  • Just what the hell is going on, all this can’t be coincidence. They must be working in conjunction with the goymrneent/militarv, are they terrestrial or ET, my thoughts are endless. All we know is that these events are increasing and more people are witnessing! It all seems to be leading up to the 2012 prophecy too or coincidence?!

  • Morganovich,Take a look at some of Marmico's old posts on Calafia Beach Pundit. I'm not saying he doesn't make decent arguments (in fact I think he was one of the first on this blog to call the housing crash and resulting financial crisis), but the posts I've seen are quite offensive.

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