HJU Presents: Anime Central 2007, Part 2 – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Part 2 has arrived at my door step and is now up and available for your veiwing pleasure. In this segment we ask the attendees Anime Central, the ACendants if you will, we ask a choice couple of ACendants… “What does ‘For Great Justice’ mean to YOU?!” The results are comic gold and one in particular hath given birth to a new t-shirt that’ll be coming out pretty soon, designed by our very own Gryphman. Click on and enjoy!

Don’t forget, tonight is the Broadcast Gamer vs. Team Fremont vs. Team Justice HALO 3 Beat throwdown. Officially it starts at 5pm Central, but I won’t be able to get on until the earliest like… 6pm. Hook up with the GamerTags Nijhazer and/or jaydog1983 and tell them that you are from the Halls of Justice. They’ll take care of you ’til I get there to lay down some smackage.


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