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This here is a collaborative creation between myself and an old friend that goes by the name, Savory Cade. In high school we had all these stories we created based around myself and my friends. Before there ever was a Rival Schools, there was Billy Shank the Danger Boy and the Heroes of Verona High. Damn good times. The transformation sequences of the Danger Boy, Overdrive and Kid Doppler were actually come up with over dinner in a mall. Our brains stormed, we laughed, and I even remember us coming up with the detail of Kid Doppler always having a little bruise on his forehead because of all the crush charges he smashed into his forehead to used in battle. My friend went on into college and this was his masterpiece. Long after he’d moved on, his college professor continued to present this creation of Cade’s to show off what the students could accomplish if they put their minds to it.

Each of these characters, except Aqua, has a person behind it and a story to go along with each of their little details. Even Overdrive’s lime green t-shirt has a story that maybe I’ll tell of another day.

After the jump you’ll see a fan created “animated” telling of the blockbuster and ground breaking Transformer saga, “The War Within” from Transformer comic legends, Simon Furman and Don Figueroa, brought to you from the blokes over at TFCog.Net. Said to have been downloaded already 2,000 times, you get to watch it with the click of a button right after the break.

Transformers: the War Within, Episode 1

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