HJU Radio #4 – GeekTalk & Power Rangers RPM – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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It’s a long hard road to Friday, but don’t worry… Team Justice is here to usher you in to a couple days of relaxation. 😉

The latest episode of HJU Radio has dropped for your hopeful listening pleasure and we’ve more shows in the works.

In this episode we cover all manner of geekery and the last batch of Power Rangers RPM episodes. Click, enjoy, tell a friend, Twitter it, and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes. 🙂


Our ragtag group of guest hosts are as follows:
Chad “Knux Five” Bonin from GaijInside.Com

The immortal JayDog the Lazerlord

WTF @ TFW’s Vangelus who has a MOST rockin’ YouTube Channel

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